Q: Can you stock specific items?

A: We are always looking to create a more diverse product range and of course, we want you to get everything you need from here in the shop. If there is something you specifically want please let us know and we will try accommodate your needs. 

Q: Are you interested in stocking other local suppliers?

A: Supporting the local community is extremely important to us, we are a local store ourselves and we appreciate how important people's support is. At the minute we stock items from local suppliers such as Meat, Bakery Goods, Jams & Marmalades, Granola, Popcorn and Bird Seed. If there any any local suppliers you think we should get involved with, or if you are a local supplier yourself, please get in touch.  

Q: How often do you get deliveries?

A: We currently receive our main stock on a Monday and Thursday, Bread Daily and Butchery products Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Q: Do you cater for people with special dietary needs?

A: We always endeavour to have food and drinks suitable for as many dietary conditions as possible. We always have a range of Gluten Free options such as our soups, cooked breakfasts and some cakes. We stock a dairy free items and can do out drinks to suit as many peoples needs as possible.