Café - Bistro

We like to pride ourselves on our coffee, we use a manual machine so that we can tailor make each coffee to the individuals taste.

Our Coffees: We offer varying styles, such as Lattes, Cappuccinos, Macchiatos and espressos; sizes, flavour shots, such as Caramel, Vanilla, Hazelnut and Cherry and Mochas made using melted chocolate and steamed milk.

Café Interior

A new addition to a new look
The Café-Bistro at Guist General Store is a new addition on to a historic building and as such it has been styled in a way that bridges the old and the new. Our extension was built using wood from the local Sennowe estate and finished using local craftsmen as it is important that we support other businesses in the area and hopefully share in each others success.


Our Teas: We offer a wide range of diffuser bag teas which deliver a refreshing and distinctive taste. We try and cater to as many people as possible so we offer teas ranging from your standard English Breakfast to the more exotic Japanese Sencha Green Tea. If you have a personal preference to your tea, such as lemon on the side, a dash of honey or just a simple thing like milk with your earl grey,  we will always try out best to meet your needs.

Guist General Store is a pleasure to shop in. The staff are helpful and polite and it has really helped pull the community together.

Home Baking: In order to offer that little bit extra we do all of our baking on site. Our cakes are made using traditional recipes and can be eaten in or taken away. Our snacks, such as Flapjacks, Shortbreads and Scones are all prepared and baked as needed to offer the right balance of distinctive flavours and quality freshness. We also offer a range of meals, all of which are home made and served to order. From soups to British classics such as cottage pie we try and give our customers a good set of options to choose from, we even now do a Cooked English breakfast which has proven very popular.

Local Ingredients: Where possible we source the ingredients for our baking from local suppliers. We get our meat from Perfick Pork in Great Ryburgh, Our Vegetables from Banyards Farm in Dereham and our bread from Clarks Bakery also in Dereham. By offering local food made from local ingredients we can truly say that you are getting a taste of Norfolk when you visit Guist General Store and our Cafe-Bistro.

On the horizon: We are currently in the process of opening up our garden to the public so that you can enjoy all of our lovely offerings outside as well as in. Also in the planing stage is an extension to our alcohol licence so that come summer you can enjoy a lovely glass of Pimms with some fresh local strawberries.

Opening Times: The Café-Bistro works within the opening hours of the shops for takeaway items, we also have two seating areas to eat in which are open slightly different hours.. These are:

Monday: 0930 – 1630
Tuesday: 0930 – 1630
Wednesday: 0930 – 1630
Thursday: 0930 – 1630
Friday: 0930 – 1630
Saturday: 0930 – 1630
Sunday: 0900 – 1400

Any questions or enquiries please get in touch.